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You can access the 2014 Payment Plan Details and Deadline Document under Student Resources.

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  1. Late Registration fee has been revised to K500.00 effective 2014. Avoid paying this amount by registering on time and pay K25.00 only. Note the following registration Periods and weeks;
    • P2, P4, and P6 Normal Registration weeks are in Week 5 of each of these Study Periods.
    • S1 and S2 Normal Registration weeks are in week 11 of each of these Semesters.
  2. You can register for your courses from anywhere in the world via our Student Management System (SMS). All you need is internet access. You don't have to come to Caravelle House to register for courses.
  3. You earn credits by participating Service Learning. This is for DAY students. CPS Students have Test Out Examinations at the end of each Academic Year worth 2 credits.
  4. It is mandatory for CPS students to be in Learning Teams.
  5. Learning team sessions contribute to overall class attendance.

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Northrise University (NU) is a Christ-Centered university, which endeavors to inspire educational hope in the lives of many Zambian youths and professionals.

The cornerstone of the university is a commitment to prepare people for both professional and voluntary leadership in the church and in the business community.

We share in God's vision to empower the people of Zambia, believing that true Christian service is born out of reflection, study, intellectual investigation and personal involvment in some form of service.